Philip Seibler

Dr. Philip Seibler is leader of the research group “Human Neurons Derived from Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells” at the Klein lab (Institute of Neurogenetics).

He is principle investigator of the project SP4: "Modeling dystonia in an endogenous human cellular system: Platform and characterization of iPSC-derived neurons from patients with monogenic isolated dystonia".

Since 2009 he focused his research on iPSCs. During a research visit at the Harvard Medical School he finished his first project on iPSC-derived neurons from Parkinson disease patients and graduated in 2011.

The iPSC projects have been funded since then by two intramural grants of the University of Lübeck, as well as by external funding bodies, such as the DFG. These efforts have led to a number of high-profile publications in J Neurosci, JBC and Science.