Jens Volkmann

Prof. Dr. med. Jens Volkmann is head of the Department of Neurology at Würzburg University Hospital.

Together with Prof. Dr. Christine Klein he coordinates the Dystonia Translational Research and Therapy Consortium.

He is principle investigator of the project SP1: "A randomized, sham-controlled trial of pallidal neurostimulation versus botulinum toxin treatment for cervical dystonia (StimTox-CD)".

He is an internationally reknown movement disorder specialist with an extensive scientific record (>200 peer reviewed papers) in the field movement disorder pathophysiology and deep brain stimulation therapy.

He has planned and executed several seminal studies on deep brain stimulation in dystonia, which have helped to establish level I evidence for this therapy and is responsible for the dystonia treatment guidelines of the German Neurological Association.

In Würzburg he is running a rodent program studying the interaction of environmental and genetic factors in the manifestation of dystonia and heads one of the largest clinical programs for movement disorder patients in Germany.